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LCD Swapping Prices

We only offer the highest quality screens available in the market, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. To better understand how swapping works and the different qualities we offer, see the bottom of the price list.

CURRENTLY, WE ARE NOT SWAPPING LCDs. Instead, we are purchasing your broken-glass LCDs and paying 10% extra if you choose to purchase new screens from us. It works out to a better deal. CHECK OUT OUR BUYBACK PRICES HERE.

How does swapping work?

You give us a working broken-glass LCD and we give you a new one back right away. You can choose which quality you would like in return when swapping. The pricing that we charge you depends on the quality (A or B) of the screen you give us.

Example: You give us a B grade iPhone 6 LCD and want a Generic AAA screen in return, we will charge you $17.

What do the different qualities mean?

Full Premium = OEM Grade LCD, OEM Grade Flex

Premium = OEM Grade LCD, Generic Flex

Generic AAA = Generic LCD, Generic Flex

All screens come with lifetime warranty and are absolutely spot free. The display quality of all screens is AAA and the only difference is the grade of the components.

How to tell difference between A grade and B grade?

A Standards iPhone 5 Series:
– Black sticker on back of glass (top left)
– Camera ring shine
– White barcode sticker on back of IC

A Standards iPhone 6 Series:
– Black sticker on back of glass
– Camera ring shine
– Apple logo on flex cables

A Standards iPhone 6S/6S+/7/7+
– Original Backlight
– Apple logo on flex cable
– No Supplier Stamps on LCD

Red haze = B grade
Pixels = B grade
Backlight problem = B grade
Marks/Spots = B grade
Missing A standard = B grade

If you are looking to swap in bulk, we offer the following bulk discounts:

$1 for 50+ pcs

$2 for 100+ pcs

$3 for 500+ pcs

Contact Waleed (wshahzad@lcdswap.com) for wholesale partnerships.

Ready to swap your cracked screens?

If you have any further questions, please check out the FAQs page or contact us.